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           Guangzhou Tongjun Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. is a scientific and technological innovation enterprise focusing on peptide, nucleic acid drugs and new cosmetic raw materials, technology research and industrialization. It is located in the South China new material innovation park of Guangzhou Science City, with more than 2000 square meters of R & D office space, 10000 level GMP laboratory and production workshop. Through independent innovation, the company has successfully developed the world's leading peptide and small nucleic acid efficient synthesis technology and automatic synthesis platform, greatly shortening the synthesis cycle and greatly reducing the production cost, and more safe and environmental protection. At present, the main products include: Pharmaceutical polypeptides, beauty polypeptides, cosmetic raw materials: Anti Dandruff agent hexamidine and OCT, whitening agent, etc. in addition, we have launched technical services and customized services for the synthesis of pharmaceutical polypeptides, small nucleic acids and pharmaceutical intermediates.
            Tongjun pharmaceutical has a professional R & D and innovation team, with 18 invention patents and 6 authorized patents. The company has passed the national high-tech enterprise identification and the national intellectual property management system certification. In addition, it has also obtained the support of Guangzhou Science and technology small and medium-sized enterprises technology innovation fund, Guangzhou Science and technology innovation small giant project, and Guangzhou enterprise research and development organization construction special project, and won the China innovation and entrepreneurship competition Guangzhou competition winning award and other honors.
            As the initiator and member of the polypeptide branch of China biopharmaceutical industry association, Tongjun pharmaceutical adheres to the enterprise development concept of "integrity based, innovation oriented, concerted efforts, and joint creation of Junmei", and is committed to becoming the world's leading supplier of peptides and nucleic acids.

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